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Wednesday (2/2 2011) David Meerman Scott, author of the book Real-time Marketing & PR, gave a guest lecture in the Morse Auditorium of BU. One of the returning topics was that this generation of young professionals need to become change agents within many companies.

If your boss does not want to invest in real-time communication, you have three options:

1. Become a change agent
2. Collect your paycheck and be happy you’re employed
3. Quit your job

Check the video below for the explanation given during the lecture.

Go to 4:13 for the information on change agents

Personally, I went through stage 1, got disappointed and moved to phase 2. Soon, I started to look for another job, so finally I ended up in number 3. And guess what, I was hired for my next job, because I read and write blogposts gave workshops on social media and had built a valuable network through Twitter and LinkedIn.

So if you’re a change agent yourself, do not give up nor start doubting yourself. David Meerman Scott proved as well that the stock prices of companies who do engage with their public on social networks, are higher then those who don’t.

That’s why Scott (or @dmscott on twitter) advises young jobseekers to be sure to ask one question in a job interview:

‘ Do you ban social media at work?’

If the answer is yes – according to Scott, this still is the case at 25% of all companies – get up and end the interview. Otherwise, Scott explains, you simply can’t do your job.

Note for my Dutch readers:
David Meerman Scott will speak at The Growth Summit Europe, May the 18th, Nyenrode Business University

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