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Trader Joe’s is the first supermarket that makes me smile while reading in-store advertisements. Instead of putting up screaming ads which are provided by the marketing department from the head office, I can almost see the local employees  making up for the lines of the ads themselves. And having fun doing so.

For example, this ad about coffee compares the costs of a cup of coffee with a ticket on the Green Line. The subway – also called ‘The T’ – that stops right in front of the store. Chances are that many of their customers just got out of this Green Line. Smart thinking. Plus, in this way it almost becomes storytelling, instead of just sending a message.

As a copywriter I also noticed that humor pops up more frequently in slogans, ads or any other communication material here, then it does in the Netherlands. Trader Joe’s uses wordplay. Husbands for hire for example, a small business that provides home improvement services, uses a ludicrous metaphor. When their van drove by, the company name immediately attracted my attention. And that’s exactly what a name or a ad is supposed to do: make the message stick.

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Vanaf maart 2010 werk ik als copywriter en PR verantwoordelijke voor Co Unlimited. Een functie waarin ik mijn ervaring als (web)redacteur bij Intermediair kan combineren met mijn kennis van PR.

Dat er reclamebureaus bestaan die zich specifiek richten op arbeidsmarktcommunicatie (AMC) weet niet elke recruiter. Laat staan dat oprichters van midden- en kleinbedrijven met AMC bekend zijn. Daarom even een korte uitleg.

Waarom AMC?
Eigenlijk is het namelijk heel simpel.  Nike, Coca Cola of Apple hebben jarenlang gewerkt aan een sterk merk op de consumentenmarkt. Hetzelfde geldt voor merken op de arbeidsmarkt. Op de lijstjes van pas afgestudeerde hoogopgeleiden prijken vaak namen als Ahold, Heineken en tegenwoordig ook Deloitte. Ooit nagedacht over hoe dat nu zou komen?

Anderzijds weten we allemaal dat binnenkort de grote uittocht van babyboomers gaat beginnen.  (more…)

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Within two months I will be moving to  Boston. Of course, I wish it would have been my career that made me and my husband move to the States, but it isn´t.  Albeit,  he is getting one of the best opportunities a neuroscientist can wish for and I am excited to start a new adventure together, I do have some mixed feelings about it.

Because moving to the USA, also has consequences for my career. In the last five years, I´ve been able to built a professional network.  I´ve worked as a journalist, a PR-professional, a social media trainer and became a copywriter at an HR communication agency.  To my opinion a lot of these working fields intertwine. Besides the fact that I´ve always loved to combine my work as a freelancer next to my job as a webeditor and later as  a copywriter, I also believe this mix can be an advantage for my clients. In other words, my network became valuable. (more…)

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