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On the 20th and the 21st of July Bill Boorman (@BillBoorman) organized TRU Boston (The Real Unconference) which was held at Bullhorn, a software agency for staffing and recruiting. Those of you who’ve been to TRU in Amsterdam before, probably remember Bill and his stunning appearance.  Well, he still looks good, in a yellow  T-shirt with Dutch slang on it.

Back to the content. Because that’s what it’s all about. Whether in employer branding, on your blog or in a resume.

Work life balance
As for work life balance goes, I realized a 4 day workweek isn’t as common in the US  as in the Netherlands. First of all, simply because the Labor Code requirements eliminate most employers and employees from choosing schedule options such as part-time and compressed workweeks. Plus, most corporate companies still think physical presence of their employees is the only guarantee that they are working. Start-ups seem to be the exception here. Since many of them start with a virtual office, they even require new hires to know how to manage or work in this kind of environment.

LinkedIn and Facebook
While recruiters usually spend a lot of money on the services LinkedIn provides, there are also a few tools that aren’t that well known, which are free to use. Like  LinkedIn Signals which makes it possible to search through updates from users, on keywords like unemployed.

A great example on how to engage with your candidates is the way Deloitte in New Zealand used their Facebook page. On a livestream young professionals where telling their Facebook fans how their life has changed after they graduated and how they experience their first job, at Deloitte of course. These ambassadors also met up with graduates during campus recruitment activities. No, not on the traditional job fairs, but on a BBQ on campus!

Engaging with these candidates through social media, seems to be more effective than spending the budget on traditional recruitment advertising. UPS only spends 3% of their recruitment media budget on print, according to Mike Vangel. More about the UPS case and the importance of tracking social media in this video.

How to convince corporate to go social
However engaging with candidates through social media still needs a lot of time and effort. Not only from social recruiters or employer brand managers, the management needs to trust their employees as well. Your recruiters hired these people, right? That means they understand the concept of appropriateness, whether it is in the elevator at the watercooler or on Facebook. Don’t confront them with the rules and regulations that state they’re not allowed to say anything on the company’s behalf. They are grown-ups who can take their responsibilities and use common sense. Trust them.

A social media policy therefore should not be longer than one sentence stating something like: don’t burn bridges or don’t put anything out there that you don’t want your mother to see.

Once the managements fear is turned into trust, don’t think that those employees who were enthousiastic from the start will become active bloggers, and use Twitter and Facebook and engage with potential candidates immediately. Many of us have experienced that they also needed reinsurance after the kick-off meeting that they are not going to be fired for writing a blogpost.. ..

Educational gap
One of the other things that was mentioned in several tracks is that there is a gap between education and the requirements graduates need  in their first job. Offering students internships from an earlier age, could decrease this gap. According to Mark Babbitt, founder of  Youtern “nobody ever graduates from a music major without having played the instrument, but students do graduate for a business major without having stepped foot in a business department.” More on this in the video internships, employability and career services

These were just a few topics that we discussed on TRU Boston. In short, it was an inspiring event for everybody in the recruitment, HR or employer branding business. It made me wonder, why isn’t there a meetup group yet for professionals who work in these industries in and around Boston? Well…. the idea of starting such a group also came up, so in the near future @leanneclc and I might start one. What do you think, are you in? Let us know!

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I have to say, the image of graduates flying over a QR-code and the red frame that is so recognisable for Time Magazine  are nicely blended together by the art director. But as a copywriter it was the wordplay that turned a little smile on my face when I walked by this ad last weekend. Just enough to make me look forward to the next issue. Mission accomplished…

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Doe mee aan een klein onderzoek naar het gebruik van vacaturebanken in 2011.  Het zijn slechts 4 vragen over hoe jouw organisatie het HR-budget heeft verdeeld. Meedoen doe je zo.

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Vanaf maart 2010 werk ik als copywriter en PR verantwoordelijke voor Co Unlimited. Een functie waarin ik mijn ervaring als (web)redacteur bij Intermediair kan combineren met mijn kennis van PR.

Dat er reclamebureaus bestaan die zich specifiek richten op arbeidsmarktcommunicatie (AMC) weet niet elke recruiter. Laat staan dat oprichters van midden- en kleinbedrijven met AMC bekend zijn. Daarom even een korte uitleg.

Waarom AMC?
Eigenlijk is het namelijk heel simpel.  Nike, Coca Cola of Apple hebben jarenlang gewerkt aan een sterk merk op de consumentenmarkt. Hetzelfde geldt voor merken op de arbeidsmarkt. Op de lijstjes van pas afgestudeerde hoogopgeleiden prijken vaak namen als Ahold, Heineken en tegenwoordig ook Deloitte. Ooit nagedacht over hoe dat nu zou komen?

Anderzijds weten we allemaal dat binnenkort de grote uittocht van babyboomers gaat beginnen.  (more…)

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