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The Flip as a phone

We know the Flip as one of the smallest camera’s of great quality. It’s actually on my ever lasting list of most wanted gadgets. However, Kristian Ulrich Larsen makes it easier for me to wait just a few more months (or more). The Danish designer showed in his concept design, how it the Flip would turn out, if converted to a smartphone….

Take a look at the result and watch the video below. (more…)


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Since I moved to Boston, I came across a lot of new products which I never knew existed. Some are totally redundant, some are brilliant and some are absolutely ridiculous.

Let’s start with a brilliant device. It’s one of those things that make me wonder why it’s not imported into Europe. I’m talking about the kitchen garbage disposal. It shreds all your leftovers and food waste into the sink in a second.

Why is it not commonly used in European kitchens? Beats me.

The other product that made my eyebrows lift for a second was Veggie Wash. (more…)

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