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I have to say, the image of graduates flying over a QR-code and the red frame that is so recognisable for Time Magazine  are nicely blended together by the art director. But as a copywriter it was the wordplay that turned a little smile on my face when I walked by this ad last weekend. Just enough to make me look forward to the next issue. Mission accomplished…

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An ad agency in New Zealand came up with a great piece of guerilla marketing for Superette, a clothing company. DDB Auckland made sure that their ads where not only shown on one location.

How they managed to do this? (more…)

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Trader Joe’s is the first supermarket that makes me smile while reading in-store advertisements. Instead of putting up screaming ads which are provided by the marketing department from the head office, I can almost see the local employees  making up for the lines of the ads themselves. And having fun doing so.

For example, this ad about coffee compares the costs of a cup of coffee with a ticket on the Green Line. The subway – also called ‘The T’ – that stops right in front of the store. Chances are that many of their customers just got out of this Green Line. Smart thinking. Plus, in this way it almost becomes storytelling, instead of just sending a message.

As a copywriter I also noticed that humor pops up more frequently in slogans, ads or any other communication material here, then it does in the Netherlands. Trader Joe’s uses wordplay. Husbands for hire for example, a small business that provides home improvement services, uses a ludicrous metaphor. When their van drove by, the company name immediately attracted my attention. And that’s exactly what a name or a ad is supposed to do: make the message stick.

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